ArDee 🌈🦈

MLP Fanfiction writer

Hello there! I'm ArDee, a fanfiction writer for the MLP fandom starting in late 2020 (though I've been a brony since around 2014.) After taking a long hiatus from writing Pokemon fanfiction in my teens, my longtime participation in the MLP fandom has helped me rediscover a lost passion - and evidently I'm pretty good at it, judging by the reception I've been getting! I won't beat around the bush, though: erotica is what cataylzed my re-entry into the world of fanfic writing, and I'm entirely unapologetic about that.

I love writing the genre, both the "romantic and fluffy" and "debauched and over-the-top" sides of the spectrum, and I'm sure I'll continue to for a while. If that's not your thing, I totally get it, but I have been branching out into lower-rated content with a T-rated G5 adventure story featuring Izzy Moonbow & Sunny Starscout shipping, so if that sounds like something you'd enjoy...feel free to give my FiMFiction profile a look!